9 Ways to Balance SEO with Social Media

Here are 9 excllent ways to balance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Social Media Marketing.

1. Create a Google+ brand or company page and share your content on it.

2. Add Google+ buttons to your blog and all web pages that can be shared. Make social sharing as easy as possible across all social media channels.

3. Original content and shares on Google+ matter more if your company or brand page is circled by many users. Build your Google+ community.

4. Write keyword optimized, interesting and original content on Google+.  Sign up for Google Authorship.

5. Encourage as many people as possible to Plus One (+1) your content.

6. Having an active Social Media presence is only beneficial if social sharing is actually generating links to your content. Links are the more important Social Media metric, rather than shares, with regards to SEO.

7. Content that is unlikely to be shared through Social Media, like your company’s Terms of Service and About page, should be optimized the traditional way; through copy. Pushing Social shares for such pages is not worth your time.

8. Content that is likely to be shared, like a blog post, should be heavily promoted through all of y our social media channels. 

9. Sometimes your target market is not active on social media. In this case, focusing less on content sharing and more on actual content.

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