Traffic Spike Promotions

Traffic Spike Promotions


Traffic Spike


for Under $1000

(Normally $1497)

For a limited time, we will run any of the promotions shown below for $997 (prices are shown in U.S. dollars). This fee covers gathering all the necessary information we need from you, customizing the campaign for your specific business and brand, and executing the strategy. Campaigns run initially for one month, and you can continue each campaign on a regular basis for as long as you want after the initial month. These monthly prices will be locked in once you order but you must order before October 31, 2012.  We look forward to helping you promote your business successfully.

Traffic trickles in within a day or two of the campaign start and then builds all the way to the end of the promotion and can continue beyond the end of the campaign. The amount of traffic you get largely depends on the level of interest in whatever it is you are promoting, and how large your target market is. We will hit your optimum target market, the rest is up to you.  $200 of your fee goes directly to paid advertising to seed traffic. You can provide additional advertising funds to multiply the traffic spike, but this is optional.  See the sidebar on Campaign Details for additional information.


 Campaign Details

Facebook Like Campaign

Facebook Like Campaign

Price:  $997

Will this Campaign Benefit Your Business?

Facebook, with over 600 million active users, is the number one hot spot for social traffic. If your business offers anything directly to the public, this campaign will help you build your community quickly and inexpensively. We'll show you what to do with your Fans once you have them, don't worry! 

Don't Have a Facebook Page? We'll discount our normal $297 Facebook Profile/Page Design and Optimization fee down to $197 when you purchase this promotion. Consider it a bonus for you to get started with marketing your business on Facebook. Just choose the Facebook Option when ordering.

Objective: Increase traffic to a Facebook page as much as possible over 20-30 days by launching and seeding a Facebook Like campaign. 

Goal: Get as many Likes as possible on your Facebook page, resulting in a new wave of followers.

Method: Offer a free, valuable gift, bonus or coupon for clicking a Facebook LIke buttton. What that item is depends upon the type of business you have and upon your branding and positioning.  Your branding will be used throughout the promotion.

How it Works: Promotional copy will be written and placed in a multitude of Internet locations over the course of several days. Traffic is then driven to those locations. Your Facebook Page will have a hide/reveal mechanism to hide the actual gift until the person presses the Like button.  Once they press the button, the gift is revealed.  When a person presses the Like button, all their Facebook followers are notified about your Facebook Page and the free gift on offer.

Can it Be Monetized:  Yes.

Next Steps:  Order the campaign and we will contact you at your convenience to talk it over and to gather the necessary information and items we need to make it happen. Then we'll do our magic and you can just watch the Fans roll in. Leave the hard work to us.

Super Contest Promotion

Contests and Giveaway promotions at

Price:  $997

Will this Campaign Benefit Your Business?

People love contests and they love "free." We will target the types of customers that want what you have to offer.  This campaign will attract new customers and you will benefit from their continued patronage and purchases.

Objective: Find new customers that want what your business has to offer as quickly a possible.

Goal: Get as many targeted people as possible to a contest or giveaway page that we will design for you..

Method: Drive highly-targeted traffic to your business by offering valuable prizes to the top 3 winners of your contest.

How it Works: We'll set up a contest or giveaway page wherever you want: on Facebook, on your web site, or we can set up a dedicated site. Then we'll use a mixture of marketing methods to reach the people that frequent your type of business and buy your types of products and services.

Can it Be Monetized:  Yes.  

Next Steps:  Order the campaign and we will contact you at your convenience to talk it over and so we can gather the necessary information and items we need to make it happen. Then we'll design your Contest or Giveaway Page and execute the marketing plan.

Host an Online Event

Online Webinar Promotion at

Price:  $997

Will this Campaign Benefit Your Business?

If you have products or services you sell online and want to boost your income dramatically, this will help. You can sell any product or service. Higher-ticket items are exceptional candidates for this webinar event promotion model. Getting a well-known, well-respected personality to agree to a webinar interview will attract many more attendees, however it can be done without that element.

Objective: Get as many targeted people as possible to an online webinar and optionally, directly sell a product or service.

Goal: Get highly targeted people to an online webinar event.  If you are monetizing the event, make x number of sales (the goal will depend on what you are offering and what your expected conversion rate is).

Method:  if possible, schedule a well-known and highly respected personality in your own field for an online interview at the webinar to talk about whatever the webinar is about, or about the item being sold if there is one, and how it's best used. 

How it Works: People will be attracted to spend time to listen to you interview your guest. Marketing will be targeted to those who are ideal candidates for your business, products and services.

Can it Be Monetized: Yes.  You could sell yours or the personality's product or service. This type of event is suitable for higher ticket items because you have a captive audience pretty much one-on-one.

Next Steps:  Order the campaign and we will contact you at your convenience to talk it over and so we can gather the necessary information and items we need to make it happen. Then we'll schedule the event, host it for you, and promote it.

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* Promotion Details

NOTE:  The base price of each of the three special promotions offered on this page is $997 if ordered before October 31, 2012. $200 of this fee is spent directly on paid advertising to seed the campaign.  We use the most suitable advertising source for your specific campaign, whether it be Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, blog advertising, a suitable PPV advertising source or a combination of sources.  The balance of the $997 fee goes toward administering the campaign which includes infrastructure (one Facebook page, web page, or mobile splash page) and related design work, ad copywriting and design, setting up the campaign, monitoring the campaign and reporting plus related tasks. 

Campaigns can be expanded in scope by adding additional lead capture pages, integrating an autoresponder (a series of automated emails designed to promote your business, products and services to the same interested people over time), and by adding additional promotion methods to multiply your reach and results.

Your campaign can also be funded with additional advertising as desired.  We charge a 20% agency fee over the cost of the additional advertising.  For example, for every $100 in additional advertising, we charge $20 to manage that budget, which includes any additional ad design, ad placement and split testing of ads if appropriate.  To reduce your overhead, for budgets between $12,500 and $50,000 we charge a flat rate of $2500 to manage the advertising budget.  For budgets over that amount we charge an additional $500 per $25,000 in ad spend. 

Your special promotion can be rolled out as desired by starting small, testing ads, and running with the winning ad once it has been identified. We suggest $100 per ad test.  When an acceptable conversion rate is found, you can roll that ad out as much as your budget allows to get the maximum exposure and results.

Due to the  nature of marketing and the marketplace, and with so many factors outside of our direct control, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific results for any promotion campaign.  We do our best to put your offer in front of as many targeted people as we can given the budget we have to work with. The results you obtain is directly related to how those people receive and act upon your offer.  

Your offer cannot be changed in the middle of a promotion as the entire campaign would have to be redone.  If your offer is not working you would have to start another promotion. Please consider in detail what you are offering and it's expected conversion rate before you place an order. We provide market research services if you need them but this will incur additional fees. Enquire here.